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Amphibious means relating to or suited for both land and water. A sample sentence is: "Frogs and toads are amphibious creatures".

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Q: Sentence with amphibious in it
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Sentence for amphibious?

Here is a sentence for the word amphibious. There are many types of amphibious birds found all around the world.

What is a sentence with amphibious?

The US nearly perfected amphibious landings during WWII.

Can you give a sentence for the word amphibious?

an amphibious animal can live in land and in water

A better sentence for the word amphibious?

The amphibious vehicle drove on the beach, straight into the water.

How can you use the word amphibious in a sentence?

The new army amphibious vehicle was fast on land and very stable in water.

Can you use the word frog in a sentence?

The frog is amphibious.

A sentence using the word amphibious?

amphibious or amphibians are two groups 1.tailed mammals/animals 2.tailess mammals or animals.

What is an amphibious mammal beginning with w?

A whale. Amphibious means "capable of functioning on land or in water". Whales are not amphibious. Frogs are amphibious.

What is a sentence using the word amphibian?

amphibious is a long word. This does nothing to describe the meaning of the word and should not be accepted as an answer. You can say: Frogs are the most common type of amphibious animals.

Is the turtle amphibious or reptilian?


Is amphibious an adjective?

Yes, amphibious is an adjective.

When was Amphibious Fighters?

Amphibious Fighters was created in 1943.