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there is none

gettos were in the holocaust to hold Jews before they go to concentration camps

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Q: Similarly differences between ghettos Holocaust
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What were three different types of ghettos in the Holocaust?

There were Closed, Open, and Destruction ghettos during the Holocaust..

Types of holocaust ghettos?

open and closed ghettos.

Where were the ghettos in the holocaust located?

The Netherlands

Why did Hitler support the ghettos of the Holocaust?

The support that the Nazis gave to the ghettos was quickly withdrawn and the ghettos were forced to become profitable.

How was it when everything ended in the ghettos of the Holocaust?


Where was the first Holocaust Ghetto in Germany?

there were no Jewish ghettos in Germany during the Holocaust.

What was the ghettos purpose in Europe during the holocaust?

The purpose of the ghettos was to separate Jews from the rest of society.

What was the relationship of the ghetto to the rest of the Holocaust?

The Ghettos was place where people, Mostly jews was putted to starved to death and the rest of the holocause mainly the concentration camps killed people, Mostly jews. So the relation between the Holocaust and Ghettos is that Jews was killed in both of these areas ________________________ The ghettos were a kind of holding place or waiting room. Before the elimination of the Jews was considered, they were segregated and put into ghettos. Following the invasion of the Soviet Union the ghettos became too crowded, this led to the need for drastic action, ie. elimination, which became the Holocaust.

What are some of the ghettos from the holocaust?

Warsaw, Lodz, Krakau.

What was resettlement in the Holocaust?

'Resettlement' was a euphemism for being deported to the ghettos.

When did ghettos begin to receive Jews during the holocaust?


How were Jews moved to the Holocaust ghettos?

they were moved by the rail cars