Southern weapons in civil war

Updated: 4/28/2022
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mostly they relied off the weapons they had with England smuggling in weapons

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Q: Southern weapons in civil war
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How many melee weapons were there in the Civil War?

there were seventy six melee weapons in the civil war.

Did drummer boys of the civil war carry weapons?

No, drummer boys of the civil war did not carry weapons. All they did is drum.

Who was president for the southern government in the civil war?

There was no president of Southern Sudan during the civil war.

Were there pink weapons in the civil war?


Why is the civil war considered the modern war?

the weapons

Country whose civil war gave Germany chance to test weapons?

The Spanish Civil war provided opportunities for the equipment and weapons to be tested.

Why did they use weapons during the civil war?

the weapons used during the civil war were not only for killing people but to get the union back together and win the war.

Where the confederates in the Civil War?

The Confederates were the Southern states in the Civil War.

What kind of weapons were in the civil war?


What weapons did they use in the civil war in England?

Weapons used during the English Civil War included swords and other bladed weapons, and fire arms including simple muskets and cannon.

What is the war for southern indpendence?

The Civil War, or the War of the Rebellion

What were some common Civil War weapons?

Common civil war weapons can be divided into individual weapons and heavy weapons. These two classes can again be divided into different classes, such as: edged weapons, handguns, rifles and grenades (all individual weapons), and rapid fire weapons and artillery (heavy weapons).