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Q: The Anglo-Boer War was fought on this continent?
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What war was fought in Antarctica?

No war has ever been fought on the Antarctic continent, sorry.

What continent was most of the World War 2 fought in?

Most of World War 2 (but of course not all) was fought in Europe.

What continent was not fought on during world war 2?

South America

What continent was most of world war you fought in?

World War II was fought mostly in Europe, though there were fronts in Africa, and then Asia as well.

How many continents was World War 2 fought?

World War Two was present in every continent except Antarctica.

Where was the Hundred Years' War fought?

the majority of the war was fought in France

What continent were most of world 1 fought in?


What date was spanish am war fought fought?

it was fought fought in 1898

What was the worst war the us fought?

the worst war the USA. fought was the Civil War.

Who said the war was fought in vain?

said that "the war was fought in vain."

Were was the war fought?

there were and are many wars being fought, where? Please be more specific. where was the creek war fought?

What war did Ares fight in?

Ares fought in the Trojan War.