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Q: The Axis powers joined together under the false pretense of fighting?
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The Axis powers joined together under the false pretense of fighting what?


Who did the us fight in.?

The Us joined the Entente Powers late in the war, fighting against the Central Powers.The Central powers included Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria.

What country joined the Central Powers and later changed to the Allies?

Italy as they realised that germany were the only other people fighting in Europe and they were outgunned and outnumbered

Germany and Italy joined together to fight the axis powers?

No, they were the axis powers. They joined and fought the Allies. They thought of themselves as an axis, with the world working and revolving around them. If you look at the world map, Germany and Italy do kind of look like an axis.

What day did japan joined the axis powers?

Japan joined the Axis powers on 9/27/1940 .

What do the central powers and neutral countries do?

Central Powers= They are the countries that are fighting in the war. Neutral powers= They are not involved in the fighting

Tripartite Pact?

Mutual defense treaty that joined the Axis Powers; Meant that if the US engaged in war with Germany, they would be fighting a two-ocean war with Japan as well

Why did the us join the fighting on the side of the allies during ww1?

the central powers were taking a lot of countries over and when the us joined it was in 1917 because they were tired of being an isolationist.

Did Japan join central powers?

Japan did not join the Central powers, it joined the allied powers.

Who didnt join the axis powers?

who joined the axis powers?

Why did US join central powers?

we didn't. the US joined the Allied powers.

What did Turkey do in WW1?

Starting in October 1914, Turkey joined on Germany's side in WW1, the central powers, then in the May of 1915, joined the allied powers.