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It was allied powers vs. central powers

It started off as the Germans (central powers) fighting the Russians and the French (both allied powers). Britain jumped in as another allied power, along with Prussia, Austro-Hungary, and Bulgaria jumping in as central powers. Eventually, Russia dropped out via the treaty of brest-litovsk, and America also joined the fight for the allied powers. Italy started out as a central power, but it never fought, and switched to the allied powers near the wars end.

So it ended up being Germany, Prussia, Austro-Hungary, and Bulgaria fighting against America, Britain, France, Russia.

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The Axis powers fought against the allies.

Axis: Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy

allies: USA, France, Great Britain, and Russia

(Italy had a secret agreement with the allies, in exchange for helping them Italy would get more land.)

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the allied powers who consisted of;

the United Kingdom
America (1914)

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Turkey joined Germany in world war I and attacked Russia in the caucasus mountains on November I

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Q: Who fought against who in World War 1?
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Who was the world war fought against?

World War 1 was fought against primarily Germany.

What country fought on the side with the US in World War 1 and against them in World War 2?


Which countries fought against Germany in World War 1 but on Germany's side in World War 2?

Japan emerged as a world power, but Germany was weak and humiliated

What did the British believe when they fought against the French in World War 1?

The British did not fight against the French in World War I. They were on the same side against the Germans.

Which of these countries fought against the Allies during World War 1?


Which countries fought on Germany's side in World War 1 but against Germany in World War 2?

Italy and Turkey.

What country did Canada fight after World War 1?

Canada fought against Germany

Was Germany allied with America in World War 1?

No. America fought against the Germans.

What countries fought against Germany during World War 1?

The Triple Entente

Was Nigeria in world war 1?

Yes, Nigeria was in World War 1. They were part of Commonwealth during the time of World War 1, they mainly fought against the German colony of Cameroon.

What common themes are shared by World War 1 and World War 2?

In both wars, the Allies fought against Germany

Who where british rival countries in World War 1?

No British counties fought against each other in ww1 England, Wales And Scotland All Fought Against The Germans/Austro-Hungarians In The First World War.