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The United States

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Q: The Berlin Airlift was a Cold War victory for?
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Why was the Berlin airlift considered the symbol of the cold war?

The Berlin Airlift was considered a symbol of the Cold War because it showed the fight and isolationism between the Soviet Union and US.

The Berlin Airlift was the first major confrontation of the?

Cold War

How was the Berlin airlift an attempt by the us to win the cold war?

josh hutcherson

A blockade airlift and wall were all a part of this city during the Cold War?


What was the name of the mission to parachute supplies into Bduring the cold war?

It was called "The Berlin Airlift."

What A blockade airlift and wall were all a part of this city during the Cold War.?

This is Berlin.

What difference did it make in the Berlin airlift?

The Berlin Airlift was sent to deliver supplies to troops during the cold war. It also intimidated the communists and made them back down their blockade.

What are six battles in the cold war between the US and USSR from 1945-1990?

the Berlin airlift

What era was the Berlin airlift the Cuban missile crisis and the nuclear arms race?

The Cold War

Where did the Cold War take place in Berlin?

A large part of the Cold War staring contest took place in Berlin, which was then divided, although the city was located entirely within Communist East Germany. Suggest you search "Berlin Airlift" and "Berlin Wall" for further info on Berlin's role in the Cold War.

What kept the people of west Berlin alive during the cold war?

The Berlin Airlift was a factor, supplies were flown in during Stalin's blockade.

How did the Berlin Aircraft intensify the cold war?

The Berlin "Airlift" put the US Forces on wartime alert, as we were not sure of Soviet intentions...if they were going to use their military or not.