The Civil war ended when?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There was no peace treaty, because Congress did not recognise the Confederacy as a sovereign nation with whom to deal. Congress felt it had simply put down a rebellion of some of its states.

Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox (April 9th 1865) is taken as the notional end of hostilities, since Lee was the Confederate General-in-Chief, and there could be no serious battles beyond this date.

Johnston's army was still in the field in North Carolina, where it surrendered later in the month.

The official winding-up of the Confederacy, at its final cabinet meeting in mid-May, could be taken as the last defining moment of the war, but some skirmishing still went on in the West, and some Confederate officers fled to Mexico rather than surrender.

Talk to some Southerners today, and you may get the feeling that the Civil War isn't over yet.

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Q: The Civil war ended when?
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When did civil war ended?

The civil war ended in 1865. That is the best answer it can get for the year it ended.

What battle ended the Civil War?

surrender at Appomattox ended the civil war

What war ended America civil war?

The Civil war is a single war no war ended it. The signing of the peace treaty at Appomatox Court House ended the US Civil War.

When did the civil war ended?

April 18,1865

What war ended slavery in the US?

civil war. civil war.

Why is Chickamauga important?

because it was were the civil war took place and it ended the war!!!!!!!!!!because it was were the civil war took place and it ended the war!!!!!!!!!!

The revolutionary war and the civil war both ended in battles in this state?

The American Revolution War and the Civil War both ended in Virginia. The first war ended at Yorktown and the second ended at Appomattox Courthouse, VA.

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On what date did the cilvil war end?

The civil war ended in 1865. More precisely, the civil war ended on April 9, 1865.

Did the Civil War ended in 1645?

No that was 1865, if you mean the American civil war.

Exact date civil war ended?

The Civil War ended May 10,1865. after the civil war ended people that lived in the south had to rebuild their homes and busses .when the ended slavery some slaves didn't have any home or job to work

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