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The US Civil War ended on April 9, 1865.

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Q: When exactly did the Civil War end?
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Where exactly did the civil war end?

We can not answer your question because you have not specified which country's civil war you are asking about. Most countries have had a civil war at some time in their history. Please make your questions clear and specific if you want us to answer them for you.

What happened first Abraham Lincolns assignation or the end of the civil war?

End of Civil War.

What did the Civil War stop?

The Civil War led to the end of Slavery.

What symbolized the end of the civil war?

It depend which civil war you are referring to.

Where did the confederate war end?

after civil war

What are the number of slaves in US at the end of the civil war?

Many slaves had served in the Civil War. There were about 4 million slaves under bondage by the end of the Civil War.

Who wins in Captain America civil war?

Zemo is the only person who got exactly what he wanted in the end.

When did American Civil War end?

The duration of the civil war was 1861-1865.

How did the Civil War in Somalia end?

The war in Somalia did not end. the civil war starte in 1990 and is still continuing present day, 2012.

What date did Civil War end?

The Civil war ended on April 9, 1865

1865 The end of the Civil War?

Yes, the US Civil War ended in 1865.

When did the Spanish Civil War end?

The Spanish Civil War ended in April of 1939.