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Nobody it never happened

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Q: The holocaust who risked their lives to escape?
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Why do you admire Harriet Tubman?

Because she helped African Americans escape knowing any minute she could get caught. But she risked her lives for others to help them escape and see their family's once again or at least one last time. That is why we admire Harriet Tubman

How did non Jewish people resist ghettos?

Some Gentiles risked their lives by going into the ghettos and smuggling food or helping the Jews escape.

Was oskar schindler a member of the Holocaust?

We weren't aware that it was a club.Oskar Schindler lived during the time of the Holocaust, and for his actions was named to the "Righteous among the World's Nations" (an honor given to non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust).I don't think that makes him a "member of the Holocaust," though.

Who rescued the Jewish people during the Holocaust?

Courageous people everywhere, particularly in Germany and France, risked their lives to help Jews escape from the Holocaust. 'The Righteous Among the Nations' is a project of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority to honor non-Jewish Holocaust rescuers. To date, there have been over 22 000 names recorded, although true numbers will never be known. The countries with the highest representations are Poland, the Netherlands, France, and Belgium.

What is the book escape children of the holocaust about?

Escape: Children of the Holocaust profiles 7 child Holocaust survivors.

How did different religions respond to the holocaust?

Many Christians tried to help Jews escape the Nazis during the Holocaust. Often risking their own lives in the event of doing so.

Why do you think enslaved people the risked their lives to escape from slavery?

Because maybe they thought that slavery was wrong and every one should have equal rights no matter the color of there skin.

How many people risked their lives?

heaps of people everyone risks their lives everyday

Was there any way to escape from the HOLOCAUST?


How good is Bilbo's escape plan?

Bilbo's escape plan is mediocre. He risked the lives of the dwarves while trying to carry it out.

Why were mercenaries important?

thye did alot and risked there lives for big pay

Why do you think Americans heroes risked their lives in the war?

To help there country