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...that Germany would feel satisfied with its gains, and not seek any more territorial expansion.

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Q: The policy of appeasement was based upon the assumption that Germany?
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What was the Doctrine upon which Eisenhower Dulles based nuclear policy in the 1950s?

Eisenhower Doctrine

What was the aim of the policy of appeasement?

After the fantastic loss of life in World War I the free peoples were willing to accept almost anything in order to avaoid another war. Since they did not realize just how evil and megalomaniacal Hitler was, they thought (or at least hoped) that by giving in to his various demands, each of which, taken by itself was not wholly unreasonable, that he would eventually be appeased and would not make further demands. Michael Montagne To prevent Hitler from taking over Europe Britain and France adopted the appeasement policy which gave Hitler a little of what he wanted in the hope of appeasing him.

Why was Lebensraum important?

Lebensraum was a critical ideology of NAZI Germany based on the claim that the superior race of Germanic people were being deprived of living space due to border restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles. This policy was used to justify territorial expansion in order to displace inferior races and use the land and resources for the German people.

What did Russia's withdrawal from the war allow Germany to do?

Based on the deal that Germany made with Lenin, he would pull Russia out of WW 1 if he came to power. He did and this allowed the Germans to basically only fight on the Western Front.

What was M.A.D?

Not sure of your context, but MAD during the cold war referred to Mutually Assured Destruction. It was a deterrence theory that was based on the assumption that neither side would launch an all out nuclear attack because they knew the other side would do the same, thus ensuring that neither side survived.

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What was great Britain's policy toward Germany that was based on the belief that the satisfaction of reasonable demands would maintain peace in Europe?

The policy of appeasement was Lloyd George's response to not declaring war on Germany.

America's postwar containment policy was based on the assumption that the Soviet Union was fundamentally?


What assumption was the containment policy was based on?

the soviet union would constantly seek to expand

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