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Based on the deal that Germany made with Lenin, he would pull Russia out of WW 1 if he came to power. He did and this allowed the Germans to basically only fight on the Western Front.

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Q: What did Russia's withdrawal from the war allow Germany to do?
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Why did the soviet union withdrawal from East Germany?

The cold war was over.

What impact did the Russian withdrawal have on Germany in World War 1?

theyre toes were webbed

Did Germany allow freedom of the press in world war 2?


Who was Russias's ruler during World War 2?

Joseph Stalin was Russia's ruler during World War II.

How did the Russian withdrawal help the Germans?

I am assuming you mean the surrender of Russia in World War I. In WWI, the Russian Empire was at war with Germany. When the Red Russians took over, the new government surrendered to Germany in order to devote more resources to building their new nation. The primary benefit of the withdrawal of Russia to Germany was the elimination of an entire front, allowing Germany to concentrate more on its Western enemies. As part of the treaty (Treaty of Brest-Litovsk--), however, Germany also gained much territory (with its population, natural resources, etc.)

For what official reason did grat Britain declare war on Germany?

Britain and France had offered a guarantee to Poland that if she was attacked by Germany they would come to her aid. When Germany subsequently invaded Poland, Britain and France gave Germany an ultimatum, demanding the withdrawal of German troops from Poland. Failure to do so would result in a state of war.

Why did Russia withdraw from the First World War and how did that affect Germany?

Answer to 1st Q: because of the Russian Revolution. 2nd Q: the withdrawal of the Russians offered new hope for a successful end to the war. Germany was now free to concentrate entirely on the western front.

What nations were on russias western border after world war 1?

Europe, Asia,Africa

What has been the effect of vastness of Russia's land area on its strategy in war?

russia could defeat invadors by drawing them deep into russias territory =) -dennisse yamashita

Russia owned west or East Germany in the cold war?

During the cold war, The Soviet Union occupied East Germany and East Berlin from 1945 - 1994, stationing over 300,000 troops in the country at any one time. Following the reunification of Germany, the Soviets began a gradual withdrawal of their troops, with the last ones leaving Germany on 31 August 1994.

Which factor aided the German war effort?

Russia's withdrawal from the war.

What country was invaed to start World War 2?

Germany invaded Poland on September 1st 1939. Polands borders were guaranteed by the UK and France. Therefore an ultimatum was sent to Berlin, demanding the withdrawal of all German troops from Polish territory. When Germany did not comply, the Allies declared war.