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The allies lost a major part of their Alliance. With Russia in the war, Germany and the Central Powers had to fight a 'two front' war. The Eastern(Russia and Germany) and Western front. (France and Germany) This made Germany split their troops in half and have less men on each side. With Russia out of the war they could mobilize all their troops to the Western front and focus on winning the war.

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As soon as Russia left, America entered so actually it helped their side because a more powerful country entered and penis

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Q: What did Russia's withdrawal from the war mean for the allies?
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How did Russias alliance with the US help the allies at the end of World War 1?

american troops used Russia as a base to guard important allied ports

What help the Americans win the war?

I think you mean the allies.

How did the American entry into world war 1 and the Russian withdrawal from world war 1 affect the allied war effort and the war's outcome?

Without Russia the Allies were very weak but then the U.S came in with a very strong navy witch helped the Allies a lot. The Western Allies were concerned by the Bolshvik Revolution. US Forces occupied Vladivostok in 1917-18, and British forces occupied Archangel.

Who suported Germany support in world war 2?

If you mean who Germany's allies were. Japan, Austria, and spain were their biggest allies.

Who was Russias's ruler during World War 2?

Joseph Stalin was Russia's ruler during World War II.

What are world war 11 allies?

if you mean world war 2 the us the UK an ussr would be examples.

Who one the war axis or allies?

Allies in World War II

In the war of 1812 who were the US allies and enemies?

allies war of 1812

What does the term from World War 2 allie mean?

The word allie (example: america's strongest allies are britain and russia) means friend when it comes to country or war. your allie or allies will help you in any way during a war

What nations were on russias western border after world war 1?

Europe, Asia,Africa

What did alliances between countries mean war became a danger in 1914?

countries were confident that allies would fight with them if they declared war.

What alliances between countries mean as war became a danger in 1914?

countries were confident that allies would fight with them if they declared war.