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The Second World War was fought from September 1939 to September 1945.

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Q: The second world war
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What was happening at the same time as the holocaust?

One of the main things was the Second World War.

How and did World War II get its name?

it was the second war of the world

What are the shortages of second world war?

coffee sugar and gasoline were been shortages in the second world war.

What is another name for World war two?

The Second World War.

In which world war was the atomic bomb made?

The Second World War.

Who was the second person to die in World War 2?

the second person to die in world war 2 was your mum

When was The Second World War Experience Centre created?

The Second World War Experience Centre was created in 1998.

How many uk soldiers died in the first and second world war?

In the First World War, about 703,000 UK soldiers died. About 383,000 died in the Second World War.

Was World War 2 the secound war in the world?

No. it was not the first war in the world, there were hundreds before. It was, however, the second war after world war 1 that at the end encompassed the greater part of the world including Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa, Australia. World War II doesn't mean second war in the world but rather "World Wide War" Karl

What accurately reflect did Western cultures shifts after the Second World War?

Westernization was enhanced across the globe after the Second World War.

Why was World War 2 named the Second World War?

because it was the world war that ended after the first world war. Also referring to world war as a war that has most countries fighting in it.

What happend in 1992 in World War 2?

The Second World War had finished by 1945.