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Specifically soldiers of Charlie Company of 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 11th Brigade, 23rd Infantry Division under the command of Lieutenant William Calley, and Captain Ernest Medina, and under orders from Colonel Oran K. Henderson to, "go in there aggressively, close with the enemy and wipe them out for good," and Lieutenant-Colonel Frank A. Barker who ordered the 1st Battalion commanders to burn the houses, kill the livestock, destroy foodstuffs, and perhaps maybe to close the wells. While the soldiers were under orders, it is unclear whether those orders were lawful. The fact is that only one conviction came from this incident under Courts Marshall, Lieutenant Calley, and he was pardoned by President Richard Nixon after serving a very short part of his prison term.

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Q: The soldiers of which nation committed the your lai massacre?
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Soldiers of what nation committed the My Lai massacre?

United States

The soldiers of which nation committed the MY Lai massacre?

the United States.

Which nation committed the your Lai massacre?


The soliders of which nation committed the MY Lai massacre?

The united states mistakingly killed them thinking they were viet cong

What is the mylai incidence?

The My Lai incident is sometimes referred to as the My Lai Massacre. In this incident, US soldiers killed a large number of women, children, and elderly people in a village in Vietnam.

What is so famous about your Lai?

See: My Lai Massacre.

How many people died during the my lai massacre?

Those figures change, based upon the writer's resources: See website: My Lai Massacre.

What incident at My Lai exposed the frustration that many American soldiers felt about the Vietnam War?

The My Lai massacre took place in 1968, and came to light in 1969. The village of My Lai was wiped out by American soldiers, for no valid military reason. This was a war crime, and an embarrassment to America which supposedly was in Vietnam to help the Vietnamese.

What was proof that American soldiers committed war atrocities in Vietnam?

Incidents such as My Lai were photographed. and televised

How was the your lai massacre shown on TV?

It wasn't.

Was a massacre at Phu Bai Vietnam?

my lai

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My Lai Massacre Hue Massacre Dak Son Massacre