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Since the French were out numbered by the US because they had France and Spain to help im thinking the French I don't know if this answer is wrong or right im only in 5th grade and I just started learning about the Civil war :P

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Q: The union capital was surrounded by land held by this slave holding state?
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Which slave holding state surrounded the Union capital of Washington DC with land?

The border state of Maryland remained in the Union during the US Civil War and was a slave holding state. Washington DC is surrounded by Maryland and by the Potomac River.

What slave holding state held the land around the union capital?

Maryland and Virginia

Why was Maryland so important to the north?

Because it was a slave state that surrounded the capital Washington. Losing Maryland would probably mean losing the capital as well. Or at the very least isolating the capital.

Which US state capital is surrounded by desert?

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is surrounded by the Sonoran Desert.

What state was not a slave holding sate?


What is a slaveholding state?

A slave-holding state was a state where the enslavement of Africans was legal

What is a state hold?

A slave-holding state was a state where the enslavement of Africans was legal

What was the slave state capital of kansas?

Shawnee Mission

State surrounding canberra?

Australia's capital city, Canberra, lies within the Australian Capital Territory. The ACT in turn is surrounded by the state of New South Wales.

What state capital city surrounded by fourteeners?

A fourteener is a mountain peak with an elevation of at least 14,000 feet. Denver, the capital city in Colorado, is surrounded by fourteeners.

Why was the US hesitant to annex the Texas Republic after it gained independence from Mexico?

Texas was a slave holding Republic and would become a slave holding state.

Why did slave-holding state decide not to join the Confederacy?

They were not in favor of succeeding