Today Germany is part of the?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Germany is an independent country.

It is part of the European Union.

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European Union

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Q: Today Germany is part of the?
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Is Germany In the EU?

23 years ago Germany was one of the founding countries of the European Union, which began in 1992.

Is holland is a Part of Germany?

Germany invaded the Netherlands in May 1940 and occupied that country till 1945. Today, Germany is a sovereign country like the Dutch.

Area in Europe where Germany is today?

North-Central Europe. Bavaria can be considered part of Southern Europe

What are three countries that today occupy land that was once part of the roman empire?

Germany and china and spain.

What is the country Gaul known as today?

The territory which was once known as Gaul encompassed what are today part of the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, as well as the whole of France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Is Germany part of Europe?

Germany is a part of the European continent and the European Union. So yes it is part of Europe.

Was Saint Nicholas born in Germany?

St. Nicholas was born in a Greek colony in Asia Minor which today is part of modern Turkey.

What is the name of countries in Europe of which Germany is a part?

Germany is the only country in Europe of which Germany is a part.

When did Christianity spread to modern Germany?

It first developed in rome, but moved up into Europe quickly. Germany is part of Europe

What is the southeastem part of Germany known as?

The southeastern part of Germany is Bavaria

What part of Germany is Braunau in?

Braunau is not part of Germany, Braunau is in Austria.

Is Germany part of the allied powers?

No, Germany was once a part of the Axis Powers.