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The value of a World War II Browning FN High Power pistol depends on its condition. They can be found for sale from $1,100 to $1,800.

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Q: Value of ww2 browning fn hi power pistol?
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What is the value of a Browning 9mm pistol made in belgium during ww2 in pristine condition?

Lack of detailed description. 100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics

What is the value of a Browning 9mm pistol made in belgium during ww2 in pristine condition with serial?

Without a more detailed description; a few hundred to a few thousand.

What year or years were the browning hi-power pistol made for the waffen-SS during WW2 the Germans occupied Belgium and hi power pistols were made for German force?


What is the value of S W 38 cal ww2 lend lease pistol?

25-350 usd

What is the market value of a Colt 45 Army issue World War 2 Nickel?

market value depends on overall condition. It would appear someone put a nickel finish on your pistol which would reduce the value. the 45 pistol would have a parkerized finish for WW2

What is the Average value of a 1950 German luger hand gun?

luger production ceased about 1942. the P38 took over as the German military pistol during WW2..................any luger made after WW2 were after market pistols.

Can you give you the year and the value of a Stevens Browning 16 gage model 620 serial number U66622 that was manufactured in Chico pee Falls Mass?

It's a Stevens gun, not a Browning. The barrel is marked 'Browning Patent' but that is the extent of Browning's involvement with that shotgun. They were made before WW2 and sell for $100-$150 in typical shape.

What is German lugar?

if you actually mean 'luger', it was a pistol used by the germans in ww2

TT 30 pistol made by china?

No, the TT 30/ TT 33 is made by the Russians at around WW2

What does pol br lus mean above the handle of a browning?

Its likely a post WW2 German police marking

Browning shotgun serial number 108549 how old is it?

The serial number comes up a Browning Auto-5 semiauto shotgun. Browning began manufacturing the Auto-5 in 1902. All serial numbers below around 228,000 are pre-WW2 manufacture, and only Browning can provide at best a guess on the age of the gun.

What are nazi markings on a 1916 German luger pistol?

the 1916 luger was a WW1 pistol. However, many WW1 lugers were pressed into German service during WW2. Not necessary nazi marking on WW1 lugers...........but possible