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Use a translation dictionary.

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Q: Van dung mô hình thi truong tiền tệ nước singgapore vao Vietnam?
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Who replaced Ngo Dinh Diem as leader?

After a series of South Vietnamese government leadership changes, following the assassination of President Diem, President Nguyen Van Thieu became the leader of South Vietnam.

Who did Americans support as the leader of Vietnam?

Early in the Vietnam War, the United States support the leadership of Ngo Dinh Diem. He was assassinated in 1963. Following his death, the next president of South Vietnam was Nguyen Van Thieu.

When did the Vietnam war ended?

The 1973 Paris Accord required all external troops to be withdrawn and all external supply of war materials to cease. The Free World side honoured this. North Vietnam and its backers USSR and China did not. The Ho Chi Minh Trail was expanded to a four lane highway with a petroleum pipeline beside it to pour supply into South Vietnam.In 1975 the North Vietnam regular army attacked across the border from Laos with conventional arms including tanks and artillery, supported by this supply line. The South Vietnam forces, without resupply, had to conserve ammunition, and could put up little credible resistance to this overwhelming force. The South Vietnamese were decisively defeated in the field and capitulated to avoid unneccessary bloodshed.Acting President of South Vietnam Duong Van Minh surrendered on 30 April 1975.

Who is peter van pels'es dad?

Peter Van Pels was a boy who lived in "the secret annex" with Anne Frank and her family. Van Pels' father was Hermann Van Pels. He worked with Anne's father, so that was why the Franks' brought the Van Pels with them into their hiding place.

What was peters last name Van Pels or Vann Dann?

Van Pals

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When was Truong Van Hai born?

Truong Van Hai was born on 1975-03-17.

What is Van Tien Dung's birthday?

Van Tien Dung was born on May 2, 1917.

When was Van Tien Dung born?

Van Tien Dung was born on May 2, 1917.

When did Van Tien Dung die?

Van Tien Dung died on March 17, 2002 at the age of 84.

How old was Van Tien Dung at death?

Van Tien Dung died on March 17, 2002 at the age of 84.

How old is Van Tien Dung?

Van Tien Dung was born on May 2, 1917 and died on March 17, 2002. Van Tien Dung would have been 84 years old at the time of death or 98 years old today.

What nicknames does Quang Dung Nguyen go by?

Angel Nguyen Van Ho goes by Barry Lee Gal.

Who was the leader before Nguyen Tan Dung?

Van Khai

Who led the protests against the Vietnam war?

In North Vietnam, the Premier leaders were: Ho Chi Minh, the supreme leader of North Vietnam, Truong Chinh, the Second in Command, Pham Van Dong, the Prime Minister, Le Duan, the Ambassador to USSR, and Vo Nguyen Giap, the Grand General of North Vietnam. In South Vietnam, the Premier leaders of the First Republic of South Vietnam were: Ngo Dinh Diem, President, Nguyen Ngoc Tho, Vice President. In the Second Republic of South Vietnam were: Nguyen Van Thieu, President, Nguyen Cao Ky, vice President, Ngo Quang Truong, General of the first Division. The Last president of South Vietnam was Duong Van Minh. The General responsible for the assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem was also Duong Van Minh. The General responsible for the unification of the south was Nguyen Khanh.

Is there really a man called Tuan Van Nguyen?

Yes in England, also from Vietnam!! There are many many men named Tuan Van Nguyen in Vietnam

How do you fix a speedometer on a 1992 Ford E-150 van?

Drive the pile of dung into the nearest body of illegal immigrants

Was ron van cliff in Vietnam?

In 1993 he was in Viet Nam