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Oklahoma became the 46th US State by an Act of Congress on 16 November 1907.

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It was part of North America. It was occupied by native North Americans (Indians, Redskins),prior to the arrival & colonisation by the white settlers.

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neither Union nor confederate, it was unorganized Indian territory.

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Q: Was Oklahoma a part of the confederate states?
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Did Oklahoma join the Confederate States during the Civil War?

Oklahoma was not a state during the 1860's and was considered to be "Indian Territory" and initially controlled by the Confederate States.

Which part of the country were the states in the confederate states of America?

Most Confederate States were in the south east part of the country.

How was Jefferson Davis part of the confederate states?

He was the President of the Confederate States Of America.

Were the southern states confederate or union?

The southern states were Confederate states. The northern states were part of the Union. :)

Is Oklahoma part of the Union?

Yes, Oklahoma is in fact part of America. It is one of the 50 states.

Was Delaware part of the confederate state during US Civil War?

No. It was one of the buffer-states - slave-states that did not vote Confederate.

What were three states that were a part of the confederate states of America?

Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama

Federal soldiers were present in the Confederate states as a part of the Reconstruction effort until which event?

Federal soldiers were present in the Confederate states as a part of Reconstruction until the Compromise of 1877.

Was the south or north side confederate states in 1861?

The Confederate States of America were the southern states (Grey). States in the North, as well as California, were part of the Union or United States of America (Blue).

Is Texas in Oklahoma?

No, it is not. Texas and Oklahoma are neighboring states of the United States, and they are not the same. Oklahoma does share a border with Texas; there is also a Texas County in Oklahoma. But when you are talking about Texas, you are talking about a separate state, which is not part of Oklahoma at all.

Where was the Confederate states of America located?

In the southeastern part of the present day United States.

What territories joined the Confederacy during the US Civil War?

A government sympathetic to the Confederate States controlled the southern part of the New Mexico Territory, and after a military victory established the Confederate Territory of Arizona(1861-1862).The Indian Territory (later the state of Oklahoma) also sided with the South and sent representatives to the Confederate legislature.