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It was the result of the 1st Indochina War, aka French Indochina War (1946-1954).

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Q: Was Vietnam's division a result of the Vietnam War?
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What were Vietnams major resources during the Vietnam war?


What types of techniques did Vietnam use to win the war?

Which types of techniques did WHICH Vietnam use? There were two Vietnams: North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

What was Vietnams involvement in the war?

North Vietnam (NVA) fighting South Vietnam (ARVN) with the US/allies helping out the south.

Where is Vietnam split?

During the Viet War from '55 thru '75, there were two Vietnams: North Vietnam & South Vietnam; they were divided at the 17th parallel.

What impacts did the Vietnam war have on both Vietnams?

Impact: North won; South ceased to exist after 1975.

When did the south Vietnams enter the Vietnam war?

The ground war, in the Vietnam War, WAS FOUGHT in SOUTH VIETNAM. Therefore, South Vietnam entered the war from the very beginning...which is when it started in either the late 1950's or 1961, depending on what historical reference you are using.

What surrounds the Lincoln Memorial?

Vietnam veterans memorial, Vietnams womens memorial, district of Columbia war memorial

What was the ipact of vietnams war on Australia's society?

what was the impact of vietnams war on Australia's society

What effects did the Vietnam war have on Vietnam veterans and their families?


What event led the us in the Vietnam war?

The French Indochina War most likely led to the (so called) American Vietnam War. Because the French war divided up the country into TWO nations; North & South Vietnams. When the communist led North Vietnam attempted to take over (conquer) South Vietnam... this led to US involvment.

Vietnam and the Vietnam war?

Vietnam is a communist country since 1975. Prior to 1975 there were two Vietnams; a NORTH and a SOUTH Vietnam. Those two nations fought from about 1955 until 1975, with the US supporting South Vietnam; which was defeated by force of arms on 30 April 1975.

How was Richard Nixon involved in the Vietnam War?

he helped the war end and helped us get all of are pows back from the north vietnams