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he was commanding the union army

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Q: Was major Anderson in the confederate or union army?
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Was Major Robert Anderson of Fort Sumter on the Union or Confederate side?

Major Robert Anderson was an American military leader. He served as a Union Army officer in the American Civil War, known for his command of Fort Sumter at the start of the war.

Who were the commanders of the battle fort Sumter?

Robert Anderson was the commanding officer for the Union during the Battle of Fort Sumter, and P. G. T. Beauregard was the Confederate commander. The battle resulted in a victory for the Confederacy.

Who was the head of the union army at fort sumpter?

Major Anderson

Confederate army defeats a union army?

no the Union army defeats the confederate army

Who was the union commander at Fort Sumter?

U.S. Army Major Robert Anderson .

Did the confederate troops outnumber the union forces in most of the major battles?

No, quite the opposite. The Union was superior to the Confederate army in almost every way.

What did the confederate army have over the union army?

The confederate army had better generals

Who won Vicksburg was it the union or the confederate army?

The Union Army.

Who led the union army on fort Sumter?

Major Robert Anderson was the commanding officer of the Union soldiers during the Battle of Fort Sumter.

Who where major leaders in the battle stones river?

Major General William Starke Rosencrans for the Union Army of the Cumberland and Lt. General Braxton Bragg for the Confederate Army of Tennessee.

Lincoln used the Union army to do what?

defeat the Confederate Army

What year did the union army defeat the confederate army?