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Yes representation was one of the issues that directly caused the Civil War.

However, it was not the only cause. The expansion of slavery was a huge one, but this relates to representation in Congress because the more slave states there were, the more votes that would swing debates into the slave states favor.

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Q: Was representation a civil war issue?
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Why did the south secede in the civil war?

States' rights, unfair tariffs, and unfair representation in congress. Slavery was but a minor issue in 1861.

How did the delegates settle the issue of representation in Congress?

they had the civl war

What war resolved the issue of slavery?

civil war

Did the civil war start on issues of slavery?

Yes, the civil war was started on the issue of slavery.

Was Kentucky against slavery or for slavery during the Civil War?

It was a Northern State that was pro slavery and anti Confederacy. It did not view the civil war as a slave issue. It considered the civil war a states rights issue.

What war was over the issue of slavery?

The American Civil War *facepalm*

Is the civil war the fight over slavery?

Modern revisionists get it wrong every time (and on purpose). The slavery issue actually had very little to do with the War Between the States. The main reasons were the same as with the Revolutionary War : State's Rights and taxation without representation.

What issue was the most important of the civil war?


What was the basic issue that led to civil war?


What issue was resolved by the US Civil War?


Main cause of the civil war?

The main cause of the Civil War in the United States was the issue of slavery, specifically whether it should be allowed to expand into new territories. This heightened tensions between the Northern and Southern states over the economic, political, and social implications of slavery, ultimately leading to the outbreak of the war in 1861.

What does Lincoln see as the main issue of the civil war?