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slavery became an issue many years before the civil war.

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Q: When did slavery become an issue The start of the war middle or the end.?
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How did the institution of slavery start to divide the nation under the articles of confederation?

Really the nation wasn't all that divided over slavery at the time of the Articles. There might have been some people in the north who didn't approve of it, but overall slavery wasn't an issue back then. You really start to see slavery become an issue when we start to annex states and territories. the issue of weather we make them slave or free states depending on the Mason Dixon line is a cause of major controversy

Did the civil war start on issues of slavery?

Yes, the civil war was started on the issue of slavery.

Did slavery start in the middle ages in Islamic countries?


What big war caused because of slavery?

It is NOT the "civil war". Slavery was a very minor issue at the start of the war.

How the issue of slavery and the abolitionism movement helped to start the American civil war?


Why did slavery start in the United States?

To get free labor and for big selling profit. Slavery is still an issue today, even in the USA.

Explain how the issue of slavery and the abolitionism movement helped to start the American Civil War.?


When did slavery became a major issue in the US?

Slavery became a larger issue in light of the Civil War starting to begin. However, slavery did not start the Civil War. That came about through many different issues with the economy and state's rights. Slavery was the straw to break the camel's back really.

Did the civil war start the issue of slavery?

yes it did all the answers are in a history book and a social studies

When did slavery become a problem in the US making the Civil War start?

The civil war started over "States Rights", not slavery.

Did the cilvil war start on the issue slavery?

The main issues were: for the North to preserve the Union, for the South the States' Rights and Southern Independence.

The publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin contributed to the start of the civil war by?

increasing tensions between the North and South over the issue of slavery. The novel depicted the harsh realities of slavery and stirred up anti-slavery sentiments in the North while infuriating Southern slave owners. This heightened polarization over the issue of slavery ultimately played a role in the outbreak of the Civil War.