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The original non-native Americans were IMMIGRANTS. Many of the people living in America during the American Revolution were immigrants. The British Colony of America was often used by Britain (and other European Countries followed the same practice) of unloading their criminals, by banishing them to the "Americas." Like Australia, America was loosely used by European Nations as a "Penal Colony."

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Q: Was there a lot of immigrants during the American Revolution?
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What country did Benjamin Franklin live in?

The United States, though during the American Revolution he spent a lot of time in France.

What European immigrants came during the Civil War?

A lot of Irish came during that period, along with european and asian immigrants

How many newspapers were published During the revolutionary war?

The price of a newspaper during the American Revolution would have been about 1 cent. Not a lot were made and they weren't very large.

Why did a lot of immigrants come from Germany?

Many left because of a failure of a democratic revolution in Germany in 1848.

Why are the patriots called patriots?

Supporters of the American Revolution were called patriots, and a lot of the American Revolution took place in New England.

Why are the patriots called the patriots?

Supporters of the American Revolution were called patriots, and a lot of the American Revolution took place in New England.

Where did the largest number of immigrants come from during 1890 1920?

um a lot came from Europe

What did Marquis de Lafayette do to remember him by?

He prepared and proposed the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen during the French Revolution and was General George Washington's Chief of Staff and the Inspector General of the Continental Army during the American Revolution.

How were the lives of American citizens impacted by immigrants after 1880?

A quick answer would be to point out two main things: 1) immigrants helped to rapidly expand the country by providing a source of cheap labor or by having large amounts of skill or wealth; 2) immigrants generally faced large amounts of discrimination from regular American citizens who were distrustful of their purposes. While laws and attitudes have change a lot in 130 years, immigration provided cheap labor for manufacturing during the industrial revolution and now does for the service industry, which enhances the American economy (and thus improves the lives of all citizens) by lowering the costs of goods everyone buys. Some Americans were resentful that immigrants took factory jobs and service jobs in the large cities. Some felt that immigrants caused unemployment. Because immigrants often do not complain about labor conditions, union workers sometimes felt that immigrants were union-busters.

Why was there extreme poverty during the Russian revolution?

Russia was so poor because before the revolution there was not a lot of jobs out there until the revolution and people were changing there style

How many wars were fought in the American revolution?

it is all one war but there were a lot of separate battles

Crispus attucks childhood?

Crispus Attucks was killed during the Boston Massacre, and it the first casualty during the Revolution. Not a lot is known about Attucks' childhood, but experts believe he was born a slave. He was a mix of African and Native American, and his father was named John.