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not usually, general order was maintained by the ghetto police.

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Q: Was there guards in the ghettos?
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How were Jews confined in ghettos?

Mostly by threat of punishment if they were found not to be in the ghettos (the punishment was generally capital). In many the main exit and entry points also had guards.

What are open ghettos?

ghettos that are not closed, they were ghettos that did not restrict access, to either Jew or gentile.

What were ghettos and concentration camps?

Ghettos were areas were minorities like jews lived, however these were controlled by the Nazis, guards made sure people who came in and out were allowed to and were not smuggling things, like food as it was rationed. However concentration camps were the places that were originally labour camps but then progressed to be places that killed people in large numbers

What efforts were made to ensure the Jews entrapment in the ghettos?

because their was guards everywere making sure people didnt escape because the prisioner's knew they would get shot or their would be other horrible consequence's.

Types of holocaust ghettos?

open and closed ghettos.

How many germans were killed during the holocaust?

It's known to be that 700 SS Guards were killed due to heavy resistance by the prisoners in the camps and Ghettos, most of this was done during the Warsaw uprising where 300 SS guards were killed and 1,000 wounded. However, if you include during liberation then 900 SS Guards were killed, most of them were from Dachau, this was known as the Dachau massacre. see related links.

What were three types of ghettos?

Closed , Open , and Destruction Ghettos

What type of security was there in Ghettos?

Nazis guarded the gates of the ghettos.

Why was Hitler upset with the ghettos?

he did not care enough about ghettos for them to upset him.

Who were forced in to the ghettos?

Indeed. Jews were in ghettos.

Why did Hitler support the ghettos of the Holocaust?

The support that the Nazis gave to the ghettos was quickly withdrawn and the ghettos were forced to become profitable.

How Jews coped in the ghettos?

They try to live day by day They coped in the ghettos by being determand and trying to survive the ghettos.