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Farms, yes.

Towns, not many. But most of Atlanta went up in flames, and the whole of Columbia, South Carolina.

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Q: Were many plantations farms and towns burned in the civil war?
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Did eastern woodland people have towns and farms?

Eastern woodland people did indeed have towns and farms. These towns and farms may have looked differently than towns and farms today do though.

What they do after civil war?

After Lee surrendered at Appotamox Courthouse, the president must reconstruct the towns and cities the Sherman had burned in the Civil War.

Why did the plantation system develop in Virginia?

In early Virgina, people lived on scattered farms rather than towns. Tobacco farmers soon began founding large farms called plantations. These plantations were made possible in part by use of the headright system. Under this system, colonists who paid their own way to Virginia received 50 acres of land! Colonist participated in plantations so they could make tobacco and earn land.

What replaced towns in the south in the 1700's?

Plantations, which were like privately-owned towns.

Were colonial plantations like small towns?


Why are towns and farms built in watersheds?

Towns and farms are built in watersheds because it fills water sources for people.

How do you describe Mongolia's livestock farms?

the farms are like huge ranches with small towns in the middle

What were the similarities between the middle colony towns and the southern plantations?

they are both cool

How did the environment shape the development of North America?

Geography played a major role in the development of agriculture in the colonies. For instance over in the northern colonies (new england) the soil was harsher and led to the development of diverse agriculture and generally smaller farms. Which allowed urban centers and towns to develop. In the South the soil was richer and allowed the planting of tobacco in large plantations, with large plantations people were spread far apart and did not allow for urbanization

Did the eastern woodland have farms and towns?

yes but they didn't have towns around the 1900's they started farming but I'm not sure about the towns

What operated like a small town and was the center of southern life?

Plantations in the Southern United States operated like small towns, serving as the center of life for plantation owners, their families, and enslaved people. These plantations were self-sufficient communities with residences, farms, workshops, and other buildings, providing everything needed for daily life within the confines of the plantation.

What is the antecedent of the pronoun they in the sentence English settlers built forts and towns but they also established farms?

The antecedent for the pronoun 'they' is the noun settlers.Settlers built forts and towns. Settlers also established farms.