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Yes, there a number of Vietnam veterans that are still alive today. There also associations that support these veterans.

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The GI bill allowed Vietnam Veterans to attend college, trade schools, purchase new homes, and the VA medical centers offered free medical treatment for service connected wounds.

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US Military personnel who served in the VN war are veterans, yes.

US Civilians (contractors, etc.) who served in the VN war are not US Military veterans.

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Q: Were the Vietnam vets recognized for their contribution in the war?
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Was the Vietnam what before or after World War 2?

After; many Vietnam vets were also WWII veterans.

IS there a list of vets with puple hearts from Vietnam?

For a starting point, try: "The American War Library" and try "Statistics about the Vietnam War."

How many vets from Michigan died in the Vietnam war?

Michigan lost approximately 2,654 men in Vietnam.

How many people from Minnesota are on the Vietnam Vets Memorial Wall?

1,072 servicemen from Minnesota died in the Vietnam War.

Why didn't older veterans accept the Vietnam vets?

Vietnam vets fought a different type of war , some classify it a a conflict similar to the Koren war . Nam vets were required to a year tour of duty , 13 months for the marines compared the duration of the war for older vets . The older vets also less of a profile at home because the the larger numbers involved . And were sucessful at the end .

How many Vietnam veterans fought in Desert Storm?

Primarily senior NCO's and Officers were Viet War vets, such as General's Schwarzkopf and Powell (Americal Division, Vietnam), etc. Possibly 1,000 men were Viet War vets.

Who was the president that diplomatically recognized the Vietnam government twenty years after the Vietnam war ended'?


List of Hawaii vets killed in Vietnam?

Hawaii sacrificed over 200 men in the war.

Who was the president that diplomatically recognized the Vietnam government twenty years after the Vietnam war ended?

Lyndon B Johnson

What bad names were the Vietnam war soldiers called when the came home?

they were called baby killers, war mongers, murders psychos and drug addicts

What is the average age of a veteran?

19 years old Combat VeteransWW 1 Vets, I think are almost all gone but would be over 100 years.WW 2 Vets, The youngest would be pushing 80.Korean War Vets, The youngest 72.Vietnam Vets, The youngest about 53.First Gulf War Vets, The Youngest about 34.

How did the Vietnam war affect younger generations of today?

not only the war and the development of technology around the war but the resistance to the war at home. also there are a lot of homeless vets out there today.