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Yes there were. When the French fought the VietMinh in the 50's there were accounts of a Vietminh soldier who was captured enmeshed in parachute silk. As he was being taken to the French HQ. A French sargeant thought something suspicious and knocked the prisoner unconscious only to find that under the parachute silk lots of explosives and a manual detonation device. Seems the Vietminh soldier had intended to detonate himself inside the French HQ. During the Tet Offensive a Viet Cong Commando squad entered the American Embassy compound on what was essentially a suicide mission of a diversionary / chaos causing attack. There chances of surviving the experience were minimal and they must have known it. There are accounts of VietCong soldiers being chained with their machine guns to strategic positions. One hopes the unfortunate soldier had a say in this. Not least ( and perhaps this doesnt count as a suicide action ) North Vietnamese tank crew members could be chained to their positions in their vehicles, there are accounts of this.

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Q: Were there suicide bombers in Vietnam?
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