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they launched multirole bombers more than enough to destroy the north vietnamese forces

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Search and Destroy.

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Q: What tactics did the Americans use in Vietnam?
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What kind of tactics did Vietnam use in the war against the Americans?

During the Vietnam War, the US strategy was "Attritition". This involved the tactics of "Search and Destroy", which was accompanied by the procedure of "counting enemy bodies", which resulted in the term, "body count".

What tactics did the American soldiers use in the Vietnam war?

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American tactics in the Vietnam War?

what were the american tactics in the vietnam war

How does the war that America is in relate to the Vietnam war?

The war America is in currently is similar to the Vietnam war because there is the same tactics being used them by the opponents as there is in current wars. Tactics known as guerrilla warfare where the opponent attacks and then flees making it hard for the Americans to work out who and where the enemy is.

What type of tactics did the u.s use in Vietnam to defeat the vietcong?

the U.S. did not defeat the Viet Cong.

What are US tactics on Vietnam?

Search and Destroy.

What tactics use to intimidate African-Americans and whites who supported African-Americans?

There were many horrible tactics used to intimidate African Americans and the non-African Americans who supported them. There were fiery crosses burned in yards, bricks thrown through windows, and people beaten.

Why did the US withdraw their troops from Vietnam?

The US was losing to North Vietnam as their troops were extremely skilled and in abundance. The deaths and casualties in the US army were exceeding greatly, and the Americans thought it was not worth stopping the communist aggression in the Far east as no one cared that much either. Also apparently, the people in south Vietnam didn't want to fight so the Americans didnt just want to fight from their side. basically, the main point is that NORTH VIETNAM TACTICS > US TACTICS and the deaths were just too much so they withdrew, leaving south Vietnam to be invaded by communists.

Which people used guerrilla tactics in Vietnam?


How effective was defoliation in vietnam?

the usa used strategic hamlets, defoliation and search and destroy these tactics were chosen because ofthe successes which the usa had fighting against germany and japan in the world war 2 these tactics optimised americans material and technological.

Fighing tactics used in Vietnam war?

Vietnam War: Find'em & Kill'em (Search & Destroy).

In general American tactics in the Vietnam war did what?

Alienated the Vietnamese citizens.