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Wars prior to Vietnam were ground taking wars (territorial gains). Vietnam was a body count war-a war of attrition.

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Q: Why were the war tactics in the Vietnam war different to other wars?
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How does the war that America is in relate to the Vietnam war?

The war America is in currently is similar to the Vietnam war because there is the same tactics being used them by the opponents as there is in current wars. Tactics known as guerrilla warfare where the opponent attacks and then flees making it hard for the Americans to work out who and where the enemy is.

Why were the US tactics that were used in Vietnam used?

A war of attrition was the strategy. Search & destroy was the tactic (method) used to achieve that plan (strategy). Reason: Because taking ground would not be the objective as all other past wars had been. Vietnam would be strictly body count.

Was it Americas tactics fault for the Vietnam war?

Wars previous to Vietnam, for the US, was taking ground. Because of the nature of this limited war, "taking ground" was replaced with "attrition (body counts)", which called for the TACTIC of "Search and Destroy."

How was the Civil War different from other wars?

Because Americans fought Americans. Also, they had new and improved weapons but still used some of the same fighting tactics.

How were the Korean and Vietnam wars different?

Communist forces gained more territory because of the Vietnam war, but not as a result of the Korean War :) -Apex-

What was the difference between the Vietnam war and other wars the US fought in?

itbwas bi

What other nations that border China did the US fight wars against?

Afghanistan and Vietnam

What are the current wars in Vietnam?

Vietnam is currently at peace.

What was the experience of the troops who were involved in the Vietnam War?

The same for most wars. Just the return home was different.

What two other nations that border china did the us fight wars against?

Afghanistan and Vietnam

How has media coverage of wars changed from vietnam Is it better or worse?

Media coverage of wars changed from Vietnam for better.

What was Hannibal's tactics in the Punic wars?

to be cautious and sneaky