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The "Iowa" class battleship, USS New Jersey; 16" guns. The battleship was requested by the military to reduce jet aircraft losses over North & South Vietnam. Each rifle (16" barrel) delivered the equivalent of ONE 2,000 pound bomb. One salvo (9 rifles firing one broadside, from three separate turrets) was equal to 9 one ton bombs dropped by jet aircraft. By using the battleship, 9 bombs (16" shells) could be delivered to target; no jet would be lost; and no pilot would be killed or captured (POW-Prisoner of War).

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Q: What Us battleship served in Vietnam?
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If a person was drafted into the us army served on active duty from 1965 to 1967 in the us but did not actively served in Vietnam can this person be considered a Vietnam era veteran?

He is a Vietnam Era Veteran.

What was the name of the US ship in the Vietnam war?

The battleship USS New Jersey, America's most decorated US warship & history's last all gun battleship to have fought a war.

Was the battleship Texas serve in Vietnam?

USS Texas is the only dreadnaught remaining afloat. It is a WW1 ship. Her last war was WW2. Her sister was the battleship USS New York, which was sunk in the Pacific Ocean as a target, after WW2. The only US battleship to fight in Vietnam was the Iowa class battleship USS New Jersey.

How many Americans served in Vietnam?

About 2.1 million American served in Vietnam.

How many US servicemen fought in the Vietnam War?

2.1 million served in Vietnam.

How many soldiers in Vietnam war?

Approximately 2,594,000 US Servicemen served in the Vietnam War.

How many troops were taken to Vietnam to fight?

Approximately 2,594,000 US servicemen served in the Vietnam War.

How many US military served during Vietnam War?

Approximately 2,594,000 US Servicemen served "in country" during the Vietnam War.

How many solders that served in Vietnam were under 20?

About 25,000 US servicemen 20 and younger were killed in Vietnam.

What was the total population of soldiers in the Vietnam war?

Over 3,403,100 US Servicemen served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War; of those men, 2,594,000 served in country (South Vietnam).

How many us marines inlisted in the vienam war?

Approximately 391,000 US Marines served in the Vietnam War; approximately 14,838 US Marines died in Vietnam.

What is the battleship of New Jersey?

The USS New Jersey, an Iowa class battleship, is the last warship to have fought as a traditional all gun battleship & the only battleship to have fought in the Vietnam War.