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yes it can be avoided.Alternatively, there are certainly ways by which nations or factions within nations can attempt to peacefully resolve their disputes with eachother. People can make compromises and can be considerate of the concerns of others. For example, even the bitterest of enemies, the Palestinians and Israelis, were able to sign the Oslo Peace Accord; the fact that they have both violated that accord doesn't mean that it would have been impossible to make it work. It can be made to work if the people involved are truly committed to making it work. The United Nations was supposed to prevent war, although it has obviously failed to do so, but that doesn't mean that we might not be able to make the United Nations more effective in the future. War is, after all, something that people choose to engage in, therefore people could also choose differently.

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There is only one way to stop a war and that is to unify the world.

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If EVERYONE has EVERYTHING, then they might not fight anymore.


Not reallly...

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easiest way is drop a nuke

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Q: What are solutions to stop wars?
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