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UCMJ laws, and state laws are different. They must be checked by the individual concerned.

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Q: What are the adultry laws if the husbands deployed to war and the wife is cheating?
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Yes both of you can be charged with adultry. Adultry is illegal. If he loves you, then he'll divorce her. He can't have you both. Are you absolutely sure about this statement? All States are different with their laws...

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is adultry consider fraudANS#2:Oh! Yes. This act is breach of trust.-------------------------Another View: Under the laws of the US, Adultery is not included under the criminal statutes of Fraud in this country.

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I sure hope not!! No there are no laws at all. But why would you need to?

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There are states which still have laws making adultry a crime, these laws however are rarely implemented and are unlikely to be upheld if they were used. However, all states have laws regarding a parent not supporting biological children regardless of whether the children are a product of a legal marriage or not.

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Divorce laws are established by the state. You should contact an attorney in your area.