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Stalin was the leader of Russia and a communist.

Hitler was a nazi and hated communists (even though they had some shared beliefs) also Hitler was for Germany

AnswerHitler's father was a cruel angry man who beat Adolph regularly. At the age of 10 Adolph was in a coma for a week due to one of these episodes. Adolph sang in his church choir, loved to paint and wanted to be a priest. His father refused to allow him to follow his wishes and told him he must join the military. Stalin had a similar life. His father had broken most if not all of his bones at least one time. Stalin wanted to be a writer, sang in his church choir with similar intentions of becoming a priest. And yet again the father said no.. he was to be in the military.

The ruling strategy that Mussolini used was impressive to Hitler. The ruling strategy of Hitler was impressive to Stalin. Hitler and Stalin had similar tactics - rule by force and fear just like Mussolini.

AnswerStalin was the dictator of Russia and Hitler was the ruler of Germany during WWII.
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The difference between the Purges and the Holocaust, besides the location of occurance, was that the Holocaust was due to a limited amount of religion, race, etc. Hitler killed Jews, Blacks, and people he judged. He knew that the people could do nothing about it. The Purges, however, that was due to a selfish attitude to take over a power. He was power-hungry and he was determined to do whatever he desired to get there. Hitler had no explanation for his actions. He was just a jerk. XOXO, Mina.

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Q: What are the differences between Stalin's Purges and The Holocaust?
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Which Russian leader initiated the great purges in which millions of people were executed or exiled?

Josef Stalin

Why it is important for today's students to learn about the events of the Holocaust?

The holocaust showed how evil man can be and the horrible things we are capable of if left unchecked. It shown light to the fact that very evil acts can be committed and kept very secret if done properly. It also showed that the church that we put so much faith in and look to for guidance will be silent if it fears for it's own safety. It also showed the true power of the mob mentality affect.Although communistic governments have had "purges" that eliminated millions of people, the Holocaust was carried out by the fascist Nazi government of Germany. Communists were among the victims of the Holocaust, not the perpetrators.Most importantly we can evaluate the importance of education and knowledge because one thing Hitler did was attempt to stifle the intelligence of his militia as well as the citizens of Germany. He was an extremely bright leader who was an amazing speaker. He just had one fault which allowed the extermination of six million Jews and over five million others for the various reasons.

What country had the worst casualties during World War 2?

Russia (Soviet Union)AnswerAs always, it depends on what the question is asking. This answer will talk about numbers of people killed, as the wounded casualty numbers are less well established (and, confusingly, can include persons wounded multiple times).In terms of absolute number of casualties, civilian and military, the Soviet Union suffered by far the largest, at somewhere between 26 and 35 million, depending on who's counting (and whether Stalin's purges also count). China is next, with 15-20 million (and probably more).In terms of absolute military casualties, the USSR is also at the front, with 8 to 10 million dead. The next was Germany, with 5.5 million, followed by China with 3-4 million.In terms of percentage of population, Poland suffered by far the most total deaths. Over 16% of its pre-war population was killed in WW2. Next is Lithuania, with over 14%. The USSR is suffered just under 14% losses.

What was the result of the winter war?

The war was between Russia and Finland. Russia wanted to take control of Karelia, Salla, a port in Hanko, and some Islands off the coast of both Russia and Finland, so they launched an attack on Finland, but due to heavy snow, poor planning, low morale, high dedication by Finnish soldiers, and the recent purges by Stalin, they suffered heavy casualties while the Finns suffered relatively small amounts. Despite the initial failure, the Russians launched a new attack and the Finns asked for peace. They ceded what was initially asked by the Russians. Despite Russia acquiring the land it claimed, they lost over 120,000 soldiers, 3,500 tanks, and 261-515 aircraft. The Finns lost about 25,000 troops, 20-30 tanks, and 62 aircraft (The Finnish military did not have large amounts of tanks and aircraft at their disposal at the beginning of the war.) Their international reputation also suffered severely due to the fact that the Finnish military only consisted of about 350,00 troops, compared to Russia's force of nearly 800,000.

Why was Russia not prepared to fight when ww1 broke out?

One reason why Russia was unprepared for war was the internal espionage. Although Russia had a huge advantage over other foreign powers due to its extensive network of spies, much of its information was never analysed, as Stalin refused to trust his intelligence service. Another reason for this was because during much of the 1930's, Russia's intelligence resources were focused on the hunt for Trotsky, which left little ability to monitor foreign enemies. Military preparation also lacked efficiency in preparing for war. Between 1937 and 1938, the Red Army had been purged extensively, trying to ensure that all of its members were loyal to Stalin's regime. For example, from Feb 1937 to Nov 1938, Stalin authorised the execution of almost 39,000 army officers and 3,000 naval officers. This meant that the Russian army was significantly low on numbers and level of experience and skill. Besides the lack of military preparation, economic preparation was also ineffective. Stalin's purges led to chaos in major government departments, additionally, the third five year plan was never completed or even published. There was no agreement to the budget of military spending, and seventeen different government departments argued with Gosplan over the amount of money to be allocated to war production.

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What is the most recent genocide?

For killings based purely on race - presumably the Holocaust, followed by the Armenian Massacres of 1915 (last of several purges). Numerically, the Gulag and other deliberate Soviet slaughter would dwarf both of these.

Who The Stalinist purges on the 1930s were intended to eliminate?


Is purge a noun?

The word purge is both a verb and a noun. The verb purge (purges, purging, purged) is to of rid oneself of an unwanted condition, feelings, memories; to vomit, cleanse, purify. The noun purge (purge, purges) is the abrupt, violent removal of a group of people considered undesirable; a medicine that purges.

Why were the purges of 1935 held in the soviet union?

Because screw you dats why

Stalin's arrest and trial of all his enemies was called the?

Purges of his "enemies"

What wars had a disastrous effect on the Roman Republic?

All the civil wars as they ended in dictatorships with their various purges, but the final civil war between Octvian and Antony ended it.

Which pair of leaders used political purges?

Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong

How did Stalin dominate the soviet Union?

purges and by killing everyone who looked at him funny. ;)

The leader responsible for the widespread purges and rapid industrialization in the Soviet Union was?


What was the goal of the purges?

Answer this question… To eliminate all people who threatened Stalin's power

What did Josef Stalin resort to in an attempt to rid his country of rivals and dissent?

Purges (;