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The Holocaust showed how evil man can be and the horrible things we are capable of if left unchecked. It shown light to the fact that very evil acts can be committed and kept very secret if done properly. It also showed that the church that we put so much faith in and look to for guidance will be silent if it fears for it's own safety. It also showed the true power of the mob mentality affect.

  • Although communistic governments have had "purges" that eliminated millions of people, the Holocaust was carried out by the fascist Nazi government of Germany. Communists were among the victims of the Holocaust, not the perpetrators.

Most importantly we can evaluate the importance of education and knowledge because one thing Hitler did was attempt to stifle the intelligence of his militia as well as the citizens of Germany. He was an extremely bright leader who was an amazing speaker. He just had one fault which allowed the extermination of six million Jews and over five million others for the various reasons.

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Learning about the Holocaust is relevant for students today because it gives them a better understanding of the world and the reason for the way things are. Learning about history in general helps students see relationships in cause and effect, and will help them in their adult lives to make better decisions, based on the knowledge of similar situations.

One major reason for teaching the Holocaust is to prevent it from happening again. History is repeatable, and those who don't know about the events can't stop them from reoccurring. If future generations are not taught the causes and effects of the Holocaust, then there is nothing stopping Another Country from trying to erect a race of superior humans, while eradicating those races deemed inferior. Without that knowledge, future generations could blindly follow such ideals, just like the people of Germany blindly followed Adolf Hitler.

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The importance of the Holocaust was to make an example of them so that this would not ever happen again.

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Q: Why it is important for today's students to learn about the events of the Holocaust?
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