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You'll report in to the Adjutant General battalion, usually at 2 - 3 at night. You'll have your first encounter with a Drill Sergeant, you'll fill out paperwork, get issued one set of PT uniforms, then get an hour or so of sleep. Next few days will be in-processing - you'll get a bunch of shots, do some classroom stuff, take your initial PT test, get your head shaved, get your uniforms issued, get your ID card issued, etc. Then you sit and wait until a BCT unit is ready to receive you. This whole process.. ten days to two weeks is the norm.

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Q: What are the first few days like in army boot camp?
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When do you get your first pay check after entering army boot camp?

30 days, give or take.

Do you get days off while in National Guard boot camp?

Yes, you get "Family Day" which if I remember correctly, is 2 days. And its not "National Guard Basic" its Army Basic. They are the same thing. Nat Guard trains with active Army and everyone gets the Family Day.

How long does it take mail to get from Hurt VA to Parris island boot camp?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

How long is boot camp for marines and do you get a break in between to come home for a couple of days?

Marine Corps boot camp is 13 weeks and it's the only boot camp where 10 days of "mercy" leave is granted after graduation. You'll get 10 days to come home and it's possible that you'll have a couple extra weeks to work with your local recruiter if you want to on "recruiter's assistance."

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Do you get leave after Army boot camp graduation?

Yes, typically soldiers are given leave after Army boot camp graduation. The duration of the leave varies depending on the soldier's specific situation, but it is typically around 10 days to two weeks. During this time, soldiers are allowed to return home and spend time with their families before reporting to their next duty station or training.

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How detailed is Windows 7 boot camp?

Windows 7 boot camp is usually about 5 days and is a very training intensive program to cover all aspects of windows 7. Here's a link to place to receive training:

Why would the army have some recruits ship to boot camp 5 days before the majority show up?

Army = Basic Combat Training (BCT) or One Station Unit Training (OSUT), dependent on your MOS. Marine Corps/Navy = Boot Camp When you leave for Basic/Boot Camp, you ship out from the Military Entrance Processing Centre (MEPS) - the same facility you would've signed your enlistment papers out. When you arrive, you are received at the Adjutant General Battalion (Army - don't know what it is for the other services), during which time you will receive your vaccinations, initial uniform issue, sign up for Tricare, etc. You will be held there until both a unit "downrange" becomes available, and there is a sufficient number of personnel to fill this unit. That may take two weeks or more.

When is drug testing carried out in boot camp?

Urine drug testing is done during medical intake during the first few days of training. At Parris Island in 1989, we did medical check-in on day 2.

Can you visit a recruit at boot camp?

No. The only two days an individual can visit a recruit at MCRD is during Visitor's Thursday or Graduation Friday.

How soon can you go to boot camp after testing?

If you are referring to the ASVAB test, about two weeks to thirty days. If you are referring to your MEPS physical, that day.