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See website: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

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Yes, over 58,000 men.

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Q: What are the names on the Vietnam War memorial?
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What war memorial in Washington D.C. is a wall with names of those that died during the war?

Vietnam War

Is it true that the first 200 names on the Vietnam memorial wall were there because the people were missing?

On the site: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall; the information column will explain those names.

What memorial in DC was built to honor the dead people of the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam Memorial, a black reflective granite wall with the names of all the Americans killed in the Vietnam War enscribed. It is on the Mall near the Lincoln Memorial end of the reflecting pool.

Why was the Vietnam war memorial built in DC?

First of all, the name is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It is not a memorial to war. It is a memorial to those who were called to serve. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial honors all American military persons who served in the war and specifically names the 58,260 who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Eight were women. It was built in Washington, DC because that is the capital of the USA. A group of Vietnam War veterans organized getting government approval to build on a US National Park but the money to build it was donated by the general public. They recognized that the bitterness and confusion about the war left relatives and friends of the fallen without a sense of pride. Anti-war protesters of the time frequently blamed the war on those who were called to serve. More details are on the web site, see the link below.

What year was the Vietnam veterans memorial built?

November 13th, 1982 (Actually, the whole Veterans' Day weekend was a celebration of Vietnam Vets in Washington D.C., culminating with the Memorial Dedication)

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Are there Australian names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington?

No, the Vietnam Memorial is a US war memorial.

Vietnam War names of usmc casulties?

OVER 14,800 US Marines died in the Vietnam War. If you want their names, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall has them recorded there.

What is written on the Vietnam memorial?

The names of the 58,000 American men and women who died in the Vietnam War.

What war memorial in Washington D.C. is a wall with names of those that died during the war?

Vietnam War

How long did it take to carve all the names on the Vietnam War Memorial?

The website: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, has an information section which answers those questions.

Where is the memorial for the Vietnam War built?

The Vietnam War Memorial is in Washington DC.

What two memorials are found closets to the Lincoln Memorial?

Korean War Veterans Memorial and Vietnam War Veterans Memorial

Is it possible to know if someone died in Vietnam?

Yes all the names are listed on the Vietnam War Memorial and can be looked up online.

Which memorial in Washington dc has the names of more than 58000 people inscribed on it?

I'm just guessing but maybe the Vietnam war memorial

Where was Vietnam war memorial constructed?

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is in Washington, D.C.

Where the Vietnam Veterans Memorial come from?

the names of Americans who died in the war of who remained classified as missing in action

What war memorial is located near the Lincoln memorial?

Two are quite close to the Lincoln Memorial: Vietnam War and Korean War. The World War Two Memorial is about half way between Lincoln and Washington Monument.