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Q: What are the other example of people ware?
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Did the Confederacy needed control of Fort Sumtern located in Charleston harbor?


The ways that Texans adapted to shortages during the war?

Texas adapted to shortages because they had to. They would have relieved their shortages if that was possible; when something isn't possible, people adapt. War always creates changes of many kinds that people must adapt to.

What resulted in Stalemate?

Stalemate where? (ironic that in the answer there is a question) but an example of a stalemate would be two people each have a hand gun pointed at each other but neither of them wants to pull the trigger, however both fear moving in case this makes the other pull the trigger. in other words there is no winner

In what way did people help each other during the Holocaust?

In many of the occupied countries of Europe there were people who were only too delighted to help the Nazis. Romania (an ally of Germany from 1940-44) and the satellite state of Croatia conducted their own national holocausts, for example.

How do you write a fact file about World War 2?

I would answer the most likely questions about it, for example.... When and why did it start (1939 when Germany invaded Poland) Was it really a WORLD war (for example Sweden, Switzerland and Ireland remained neutral) Who were the Goodies and the Baddies in your opinion :) (Allies and Axis powers) How many people were killed (including the Holocaust) How and when did it end (1945) Then list and answer any other questions people may have... fact file built! good luck :)

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What are the Example of people ware?


What are the examples of peopleware and their function?

Like Charles Babbage, he is an example of a people ware . People ware are people who created, operated and used computers. Without, people ware computer remain dormant forever. We all know that a computer cannot work by itself if it is not operated by a user

What is the definition for yellow star?

The Jewish people had to ware them to let other people no that they were Jewish.

Does super woman ware makeup and what does she ware for makeup?

superwoman does not where makeup because she likes to be herself just like other people you dont need makep to be beutiful.

How do people adapt to their climates?

it helps you know to ware a coat or not ware a coat

Example of data ware?

dataware.. dataware.. dataware.. dataware..

What are the people ware examples?


What is the meaning of people ware?


Ware can you hear songs that other people like me made?

On their own websites, or perhaps on an indie site like

Who use people ware computer with pictures?

picture of people

What do German people ware?

underpants................................. thongs

Why is ethical trade needed?

people are becoming more a ware of whats going on in the world and they care more about the planet and other individual