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the naval blockade of the South

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Q: What best defines the Union strategy of divide and conquer?
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Cutting the Confederacy from east and west and north and south was the Union strategy of?

Divide and conquer

What was the proponent of the divide and conquer plan to win the civil war?

During the American Civil War, the most well-known proponent of the Union's "divide and conquer" plan (in fact, its architect) was General Winfield Scott (1786-1866). Known derogatorily as the "Anaconda Plan," Scott's strategy focused on a blockade of the South's ports and the taking of the Mississippi River by Union forces, which would cut the South in two.

Why did the union need to invade Ga and capture Atlanta?

This was part of the overall Union strategy(essentially divide and conquer).The first part of that was achieved with the control of the Mississippi River. Sherman captured Atlanta as it was an important railroad junction. He then set out on his infamous March to the Sea,cutting Georgia in half.

Proponent of the divide and conquer plan to win the Civil War?

The original proponent of the divide-and-conquer plan to win the Civil War was General Winfield Scott. A life-long soldier (and politician), Scott proposed a strategy to subjugate the South that was known as the Anaconda Plan, as it intended to strangle the South through a naval blockade and Union control of the Mississippi River, which would cut the South into two vulnerable (and weakened) halves.

What were the states that the Union conquered?

The Union did not conquer any state.

When did Mussolini conquer Italy?

When he worked with the soviet union

Which of the following was a war strategy used by the Union?

the strategy that the union used was called the anaconda plan the anaconda plan was that the union would surround the confederate on all sides

What was the name of the Union strategy in which the Union wanted to blockade the Confederate?

The fish hook

What was the US strategy in the early period of the Cold War for dealing with the Soviet Union and its allies?

containment strategy

Why was the capture of Chattanooga important for the Union?

Railroad lines from Chattanooga linked major distribution centers of the Confederacy; it was a key in Lincoln's plan to "divide and conquer" the South.

What was the U.S. strategy in the early of the Cold War for dealing with the Soviet Union and its allies?

Containment Strategy

What did stalin conquer?

First the Soviet Union and then most of eastern Europe.