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It was Called The Anaconda Plan

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Q: What is the union strategy to win the war by weakening the South was called?
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What was the union strategy to win the war by weakening the south called?

Shock and Awe

The union strategy to win the war by weakening the south was called?

Shock and Awe

What was the basic assumption behind the Union's strategy of simultaneous advances into the South?

The Union's strategy of simultaneous advances had the assumption that the Confederacy could not meet every invasion the Union created effectively. This was due to the disparity in the number of troops the South had in comparison to the North.

What was the Union's strategy for cutting the south in two?

i think it the anaconda plan/act

Strategy of the union to stop shipping in the south during the civil war?


What best defines the Union strategy of divide and conquer?

the naval blockade of the South

What was the name of the union strategy that aimed to crippled the south completely?

it was unconditional love

What was the south strategy to win the war?

The south didn't win the Civil War. It was the North (The Union) who beat the South (The Confederacy)

Which of the following was a war strategy used by the Union?

the strategy that the union used was called the anaconda plan the anaconda plan was that the union would surround the confederate on all sides

What was part of the union strategy to win the war?

To starve the south of resources to the point of surrender.

Cutting the Confederacy from east and west and north and south was the Union strategy of?

Divide and conquer

What was the Union strategy for winning the war and what was the Confederate strategy?

The North chose a strategy of Blockade and Attrition called The Anaconda Plan, but eventually shifted to a strategy of Total War. The South chose a defensive Strategy of Attrition, hoping for intervention by England and France, to make Northern voters tire of the war and elect representatives to sue for peace.