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Answer this question… It promoted Western-style economic and educational systems.

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They adopted the German model for a government.

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well im here for you guys and i just wanna say SUCK IT

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What change did the reforms of the Meiji Restoration bring about in japan?

well im here for you guys and i just wanna say SUCK IT

What was the central purpose of the reforms of 646 in Japan?

To bring about greater centralization and enhance the power of the Imperial Court

By the 1800s why did so many groups of people in japan feel discounted?

Renewed contact with the West brought change to Japanese society. The "Meiji restoration" of 1868 initiated many reforms.

How did the meiji restoration affect japan-?

The Meiji restoration turned Japan in to a modernized imperial power.

Where did the Meiji Restoration take place?

The Meiji Restoration took place in Japan.

What was a result of the Meiji Restoration for the Japan?

The modernization of Japan during the Meiji restoration resulted in the rise of japan as an imperialistic nation.

How did the American occupation change in Japan?

New constituion industrial reforms land reforms

What was the cultural revolution in Japan?

meiji restoration

When did Japan become capitalist?

after the meiji restoration

What were the characteristics of the Meiji Restoration?

The years of the Meiji Restoration are classified as: efforts to industrialize Japan the modernization of Japan's army and navy the acceptance of Western ideas.

Who ruled Japan before the Meiji Restoration?

Japan was ruled by the Tokugawa Shogunate, essentially a Feudalistic confederacy that remained closed to the rest of the world, until the Meiji Restoration.

What was direct result of meiji restoration in japan?

Japan became a modern industrial nation.