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Two factors in South Vietnam were constant irritants: political corruption and the Catholic vs Buddhist infighting.

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2007-11-26 19:36:48
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Q: What compromised the US war effort during the Vietnam War?
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Who was involved in the Vietnam War Who Allied The US during the war?

Korea, Australia, Phillipines, and Canada all pitched in during the Vietnam war alongside the U.S. effort to preserve democracy in South Vietnam.

What was the meaning of the doves during the Vietnam War?

Doves opposed the war, Hawks supported the war effort. The doves wanted to stop the fighting.

Who lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

The Vietnamese lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

How did Alabama help in the Vietnam War effort?

It didn't..

How did America get involved in the Vietnam war?

The United States supported South Vietnam in the Vietnam War in an effort to combat communism. Other anti-capitalist countries joined the fold in order to support the effort.

Who is Robert McNamara?

The Secretary of war during Vietnam The Secretary of war during Vietnam

What was New Zealand's involvment in the Vietnam War?

We made DDT for the War Effort.

What did American troops use during vietnam war to kill plant life?

During the Vietnam War, the United States military deployed the "Rainbow Herbicides" in Vietnam, and parts of Cambodia and Laos in an effort to deprive the NVA and Viet Cong of cover. The most prolific of these was Agent Orange.

What were American supporter of the war effort in Vietnam were called?


How did woman help in the Vietnam War Effort?

Primarily as nurses.

Who was at power in North Vietnam during Vietnam War?

Ho Chi Minh was at power in North Vietnam during Vietnam War and he was a Communist.

What was the religious difference in South Vietnam during Vietnam war?

South Vietnam was heavy in the Catholic religion during the war.

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