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Catholic versus Buddhist, Communist versus Democracy and the constants of poor versus rich, haves versus have nots, land owner versus peasant.

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US Conscription (the US Draft) was the major conflict with the Vietnam War.

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Q: What conflicts have divided Vietnam?
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What conflicts have divided Vietnam since the end of World War 2?

Well most notably the Korean War.

What instigated the conflicts in Vietnam?

Communists via infiltration.

What are 3 conflicts in the 1960s?

Aden, Radfan and Vietnam.

How are the conflicts in the Vietnam war similar to the conflicts in the Korean War?

Both wars were fought against communism.

What did the Geneva accords provide for?

It forced French troops to leave Vietnam and divided Vietnam into two countries. (A)

How did the Geneva accords change Vietnam?

In 1956, it divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel into North and South Vietnam. They remained that way until the South Vietnam government surrendered to North Vietnam forces in April, 1975.

What Impact did Vietnam War have?

A reluctance to enter future conflicts

How was the outcome of Vietnam independence movement movement in 1954 similar to the outcome of India's independence movement in 1947?

India split up because of religious conflicts, but Vietnam split up because of political differences. (APEX)---> India and Vietnam were split up into multiple countries.

Is Vietnam politically divided?

From 1954 to 1975, Vietnam was divided at the 17th parallel. In April, 1975, North Vietnam troops accepted the surrender of South Vietnam from its president, thereby unifying Vietnam into a single country.

How Did the Geneva conference affect Vietnam?

it divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel

Conflicts between southeast Asia and the US?

The Vietnam War was the only one.

The US became involved in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts mainly to?

Contain communism.