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Hawaii, Guam, Philippine, Cuba

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Q: What countries did the US take over in the late 1890's?
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It took over all the countries in the word. And ththen some.

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What 2 countries did Britain take over?


Why did larger countries take over smaller countries?

Countries take over other countries because of their imperialistic nature. For example if Country A takes over Country B. Country A can take natural resources from Country B. This benefits Country A, the country that is imperialistic because it has more resources that it can use.

What countries did US take over?

The U.S. took over none.

What countries did Britain take over in world war 1?

They didn't take over any countries. Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary did but in the end Britain, France and Russia won the war so Britain didn't need to take over any countries.

What countries did Japan take over in Korea?

Korea ?

How did the British empire take over the countries?


Did the Mexican America war take place during the 1890s?

No, it happened in 1846.

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Take jobs away from Americans

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different countries took over parts of Iran because they wanted more power.