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Any friendly nation necessary to promote US National Security.

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Q: What countries does the United States export war machinery to?
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How much of the Marshall Plan debt was repaid and by which countries?

The Marshall Plan involved providing grants to Europe, that were not loans. The funds were paid directly to the European nations under the plan, and for the most part, the money was spent in the United States, creating both jobs as well as export economic gain for the country.

Most important southern crop in the 1840s and 1850s?

The economy of the south depended on cotton, which was the largest export of the United States. Tobacco was the #2 crop in most of the south.

What was Hawaii's primary export to the Unites States in World War 1?

Pearl harbor

What was one reason that the union strategy for defeating the south included a naval blockade of southern ports?

The South had a less-developed manufacturing and industrial base than the North, so it needed a source of goods such as metals, cloth, and armaments once it could no longer obtain these from Northern factories. The South was hoping to export cotton in exchange for war supplies from other countries, or from other states. By reducing its ability to export cotton and import war materials, the North eventually crippled the Southern war effort.

What were the conditions of the South following the American Civil War?

The South's economy was ruined after the North placed blockades on the ports and river-ways in 1861. They could not export their cotton, tobacco and sugar, nor could they import finished goods such as weapons and machinery. By the end of the war, the South's economy was nonexistent.

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What does the US export to us?

AnswerThe United States exports vehicles and machinery to Canada. They also export clothing, hygiene supplies.

What does the US export to Canada?

AnswerThe United States exports vehicles and machinery to Canada. They also export clothing, hygiene supplies.

What products or services does the United States export?

According to the US department of commerce, the United States top three trading partners are Canada, Mexico and China. Of these countries the top US exports are machinery, and electrical machinery. Other major exports are vehicles, aircraft and medical instruments. However the US does export high value agricultural goods around the world.

What is united stated largest export?

Production machinery

Not an export of the united States?

The United States does not export rubber. It is not grown in the United States.

What is a sentence using export?

A sentence using export is the United States imports and exports goods to other countries.

Which countries export watermelon?

There are many many countries that export watermelon, but a few of the countries with high volumes of exported watermelon are Spain, Mexico, Hungary, Italy, and the United States

What goods does Ireland export to other countries?

Ireland exports alcohol to the united states.

What is a good sentence with export in it?

United States of America exports cotton to some other countries.

What is the united state's largest export product?

war machinery COMMENT: wrong answer !

What does Persian gulf export?

The region imports food, machinery, cars, trucks, and weapons.

When was Export-Import Bank of the United States created?

Export-Import Bank of the United States was created in 1934.