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If you are referring to WW1, then Russia left early

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Q: What country had to leave the war early?
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Why did early settlers leave their country?

most of them left for religious freedom

Why did Lily Pons leave her country?

war fair

Why refugees leave their country?

Because they don't like war

Which country did Einstein leave before World War 2?

Germany .

How was the Iraq war similar to World War 1 in terms of early support?

People were willing to fight for their country at the begging of the war. They were determined to help out their country.

Why did the native Americans leave their home country?

the south Americans left their home country because their was war

Why did the Early Americans migrate to the world?

Case they war cool on their country

What war was fought in 1991 to force Iraqi invaders to leave the country of Kuwait?

The Gulf War, aka the Persian Gulf War.

What caused many Guatemalans to leave their country for the US?

Misery, civil war, prosecutions

When you leave early from a war what is it called?

If you're coming back, it's Leave of Absence. If you're not going back to the fight, you're being recalled.

What country left world war one early and why?

Russia left early from World War 1 because of the revolution there. They had to try to stop the Bolshiveks / communists.

Which European country was defeated early in world war 2?

Poland was the first to be defeated.