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Poland has the most people to be called Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem.

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Q: What country has the highest proportions of righteous among nations?
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Who is the highest country donor to the United Nations?

united state of America

Who are the Righteous Among The Nations?

Non Jews who risked their lives to save Jews by the Nazis.

When were the people of Denmark named righteous among the nations?

The title is awarded to individuals, not peoples, nations or nationalities. However, according to the Wikipedia article on the Danish Resistance, 'The Danish resistance movement as a collective effort, rather than as individuals, has been honoured at Yad Vashem in Israel as being part of the righteous among the nations'.

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Who tried to save the Jews in the holocaust?

look up the 'Righteous among Nations' in Yad Vashem, this is a list of those who they know of.

Who was Irena Sendler?

Irena Sendler was a Polish Righteous Among the Nations. She saves numerous Jewish children during the holocaust.

What is a major accomplishment of oskar shindler?

He saved over a thousand lives, and is one of the most popular Righteous Among the Nations.

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