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1950's, 1960's, 1970's...but the war is the most famous for the 1960' burning...draft card burning...and all that. The 70's were quite critical however; Nixon/Cambodia/Laos/Christmas bombing/Watergate/the fall of Saigon (or the fall of South Vietnam). The 1950's...NO ONE heard of Vietnam before...but our men were there. The US cared only for Elvis Presley and color television & the coming of the micro-wave ovens; and transister radios...basically gun battles on the ground and WWII era propeller airplanes attacking communist ground positions/assassinations/ambushes in South Vietnam during this decade.

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Vietnam was not fought in any one decade.

The conflicts in vietnam began in the 1940's and ended in the 1970's.

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Q: What decade was the Vietnam war fought in?
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A military officer that fought in the Vietnam War. A Vietnam War soldier would be a "soldier that fought in the Vietnam War.

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The State That Fought At The Vietnam War Was The united States

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Japan fought Vietnam during that war

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The war was fought in both North & South Korea. This contrasts with Vietnam, in which the ground war was totally fought in South Vietnam; however, the USAF/USN fought the AIR WAR over NORTH Vietnam.

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The Vietnam War lasted from 1955-1975

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The British fought in Korea, not Vietnam.

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