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He provided jobs for

poor Jews in World War 2.At a hosiery mill.

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Q: What did Jacob may do during world war 2?
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Who was General Douglas MacArthur's personal secretary during World War 2 or the Korean War?

May Bartlett - World War 2

Who is marishka in the story Jacob's rescue?

In the story "Jacob's Rescue," Marishka is a young Jewish girl who is hidden by Jacob and Raizel during World War II to protect her from the Nazis. She is brave and resourceful, and her survival is crucial to the story's message of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

How may people died in World War II?

Around 72,000,000 civilians and soldiers were killed during World War II

What year was Holland invaded during World War 2?

May 1940.

When were the French invaded during World War 2?

May 10, 1940

Words related to world war 2 starting with the letter j?

Douglas MacArthur was a US General during the war. Jacob L. Devers was an American General and commander of the 6th Army Group in Europe. William Donovan was the director of US OSS during the war.

Which war was Churchill mainly in?

Winston Churchill was a soldier during the Boer War, First Lord of the Admiralty during World War 1 and Prime Minister from May 1940 until July 1945 in World War II.

How may Italians died during World War 2?

455,000 Italians died during World War 2 this includes 154,000 Recorded Civilian Deaths and 301,000 Military Deaths. Along with this 10,000 African Conscripts were also killed during World War 2.

Who was dictator of Nazi Germany during World War 2?

Hitler ; you may have heard of him .

Which president was born during World War 1?

Kennedy (May 21, 1917)

When did the German military occupy Amsterdam during world war II?

no Amsterdam was not invaded during the world war ver.2

Which dancer found guilty of espionage was shot dead during World War 2?

You may be thinking of the 'exotic' dancer Mata Hari who was executed in 1917 during the First World War .